Pets And Dating

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Are you concerned about how to handle your pets and dating? Do you have pets you adore but are worried about how your future dates will react to them? What should you do to prepare for the issue of pets and dating?

Recently, I received this letter from a reader:

Dear Tonja,

I met a guy and I thought we hit it off. After several dates, I mentioned I had two cats. He told me that he was allergic to cats…but that he still wanted to come over. He came over for a couple of hours, left, and I never heard from him again. Now he won’t return my calls. What should I do?

Confused Cat Lover

If you have ever had an experience like the above person, or were confused about how your cats or dogs left an impression on another, review the following five tips:

*Learn from the experience of someone telling you they are allergic

You can’t salvage a relationship that won’t return your calls, but maybe you can save the next one before it starts. Have some of your best friends come over and ask them to tell you what they see, feel and smell in your living space that others might find offensive.

*The Kitty-Litter Box

Does the litter box have an odor? It will if it hasn’t been changed in a few days. You may not notice it because you are used to the smell but a sensitive allergic person could have a reaction to it.

*Cat hair and dog hair

Check your car, sofa, chairs, and clothes. If they have dog or cat hair on them, get your animals groomed and have their hair cut close. Following that, get a large roll of tape and remove the hair. If your animal is never going to stop shedding and if you don’t care, find another person who doesn’t care either.


People who are relaxed about their pets might have a tendency to also be relaxed about housekeeping in general. If you have dirty dishes and dirty clothes piled up everywhere, that alone might be a turn off to a future date. Get yourself organized and cleaned up before you invite a date over. Your life will feel so much better.

*Pet monarchs

Does your pet rule your house? Do they get to sit anywhere, eat off your plate, sleep in your bed, bark as often and as loudly as they want, and tear the place up when you leave? If your pet is in control of you rather than the other way around, a new date may feel intimidated.

Perhaps one of your requirements for a future love is that they feel the same way you do about your pets.

And if your pet is well-behaved, loving, and welcoming to guests, any new date will be lucky to have them in their life.

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